SPMG, and the rest of Motivate, Inc., are proud to be an official partner for The Street of Dream’s 14th Annual Spoken Word Concert. The event takes place on Friday, July 13th in San Diego, California and all proceeds benefit Street of Dreams education programs.

Street of Dreams is a college bridge program for kids who are wards of the court and in the Juvenile Justice System. It is student driven and provides them the capability to integrate back into society through their participation. Street of Dreams is a dual enrollment (high school and college) academic elective, for youth who have never had a college attendee in their family. The children are critically at risk, with a growing population and an alarming number going to prison. Through public performance the students are integrated with their greater community.

“Street of Dreams is a 911 call for children who have been abandoned, abused and nearly destroyed by the generational affects of drug addiction, alcoholism and poverty.”