Recently, Nielsen classified Baby Boomers as “The Most Valuable Generation,” but are actually unaddressed by marketers and advertisers. Baby boomers are between the ages of 48-66, and control about 70% of the U.S. disposable income which makes them a very lucrative target. Although this generation is slower to adopt new technology, they eventually buy in to the new products and are even a major factor in the growth of new technology. Compared to Gen X and Y, Baby Boomers spend the most time and money online.

Here are some important facts on the Baby Boomer Generation and why it is imperative to include them in your marketing plans:

  • Represent close to 80 million U.S. consumers
  • Dominate 119 out of 123 CPG categories
  • 40% of customers paying for wireless service
  • 41% own Apple computers
  • 53% are on Facebook
  • 40% most likely to use an iPhone
  • Over age 50 spend $7 billion online annually
  • Purchase 62.5% of new cars
  • Purchase 80% of luxury travel
  • 70% show up to vote in elections
  • Spend most on health care
  • Spend most on pharmaceuticals
  • One in 7 boomers care for a parent or family member
  • 71% of Boomers go online every day
  • 66% of Boomers send text messages
  • Boomers spend more money each month on technology than Gen X or Gen Y – an average of $650 per month


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