The National Mature Media Awards is the nation’s largest awards program that annually recognizes the best marketing, communications, educational materials and programs for adults age 50 and older. Entries were received for the following divisions: Community Organizations, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Housing, Insurance, Media, and Miscellaneous and in these categories: Marketing & Communications, Web-based & Mobile Resources, Publications/Editorial, and Art/Design.

Spot55 and SPMG have been recognized with the following awards:
SILVER – for Website category
MERIT – for Social Media: Twitter category
MERIT – SPMG Sales Deck for Brochure/Booklet (Marketing & Communications) category

In addition, some publications that are part of the SPMG Footprint have also won awards: Chicagoland’s Senior News 50 and Better has won 1 SILVER, 2 BRONZE , and 1 MERIT in the Article-Magazine/Newsletter/Newspaper (Publications/Editorial) category, Life After 50 was awarded a MERIT in the Magazine category, and Senior Life received 2 MERIT awards for the Magazine category and also Social Media:YouTube.

Congratulations to all the winners!