Generation Life


Dynamic, Active, Fun Loving, Adventure Seeking, Health Conscious, Invested, and Affluent aging adults that are embracing the prime time of their lives.

Generation Life defines this group of individuals that are continually transcending societies preconceived notions on aging and blending the experienced generations of our society.

You may call them Baby-Boomers, 50+, Seniors Citizens, 60+, Elders, Caregivers, or Grandparents. SPMG simply refers to them as Gen-Life, and our mission is to seek out and employ highly targeted media properties that reach, resonate, and influence these generational trendsetters.

When it comes to reaching the Gen-Life Market, SPMG is the most trusted media partner in the industry. Harness the power of local online and offline media; From newsprint to homepage and everything in between, SPMG has the targeted media relationships that our consumers trust and use the most.

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