TARGET: Adult women, age 50 and over
• Create brand awareness andconsumer relationships
• Accomplish new product demonstrations and gain exposure for new bread item
• Expand consumer name database for direct mail campaigns
• Achieve distribution of new product lines at key Florida retailers
To achieve Roman Meal’s objectives, seven senior expos in Florida were chosen arenas for exposure to the 50+ female demographic.

• Reached the target audience of adult women 50+ at the Florida Senior Expos which delivered an attendance of 70,000 consumers.
• Demonstrated Roman Meal’s new product by personally providing fresh baked and toasted Roman Meal product samples to over 34,000 prime Roman Meal consumers.
• Distributed over 25,000 40¢ Roman Meal coupons, which supported sales at key Florida retailers.
• Allowed Roman Meal to successfully enhance and leverage their trade/retailer relationships.
• Added 7,000 new consumer names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addressed that were generated for Roman Meal’s consumer name database through a sweepstakes entry contest.

“It is with positive experience that I would recommend the SPMG team…we found them to be very responsive, resourceful and educated….our Roman Meal booth and display area was one of the most popular sites at these ‘Senior Expos’ fairs in Florida and a large part of this was a direct result of the SPMG team, executions and credibility.”