Meet bill, a retired brick & concrete mason living in hartland, wisconsin. Bill and his wife have 3 children and several grandchildren. He also has a few friends who he has known for quite some time…

“My friends and i first played golf in we also returned to playing golf and then baseball. I played baseball actively until i was 42, then shifted to coaching and teaching young people to play the game.”

A registered republican, always count on him, as well as his wife to turn out at the poles. When asked if he votes, bill had this to say:
“Absolutely yes! My wife and i never miss voting. It is too important.”

You can catch bill and his family enjoying family functions such as birthdays at nice restaurants.
“With family and grandchildren nearby special occasions at a nice sit-down restaurant. My own favorite choices are prime rib and duck.”

While he only puts 5 or 6 thousand he keeps it in tip top condition.
“We’re almost religious in our commitment to car service, and this helps keep the motor car in very, very good condition.”

His wife’s involvement in the local bank’s travel program helped her and bill to travel extensively in years past. Bill is proud to tell you of his daily computer use. When asked if he had a computer, bill happily responded:
“You bet we do, and we use it actively everyday. We have a gateway system and use it to for research in our fields of interest and, of course, for email with and to family and friends.”

Bill has a great outlook on life, and is genuinely excited about the life he lives.
“I can rise every new day and look with great expectation to that day and plan for the next. My grandkids come over and they keep you young. I get excited about one grandchild who is playing football in school, another playing soccer. It is a great life to live for.”

Bill is a regular reader of the local newspaper, where he finds the topics that are important to him.
“I love reader’s digest and read the daily newspaper and, of course, 50+, our senior newspaper in this area. It is quite informative on local news plus on health and other subjects of my inter-est they do fine research in the range of subjects important to seniors.”

“My wife and I are really happy with our lives.”

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