Trevor Hansen, CEO of EPMG and parent company, Motivate Inc., is a pioneer in the world of print media. In-charge of Vision, Strategy, and Marketing, Hansen is the chief architect of the multi-year growth strategy that includes the development of new digital platforms, overseeing successful ROI-driven campaigns, directing corporate strategies and building the company’s client base.

Hansen joined Motivate in 1996 as an Account Manager. He was promoted to be the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the year 2000. Hansen founded EPMG, the multicultural division, in 2002, after realizing a growing need in the marketplace for a firm to invest in research, technology, and expertise necessary to bring multicultural print standards to the next level. Under his leadership, EPMG is now a leading multi-media services company specializing in print and digital outreach to the Hispanic, African American and Asian markets.

Hansen sits on the board of the Circulation Verification Council, an independent, third-party audit company that specializes in community newspapers, shoppers, magazines and niche publications. He is often invited to be a keynote or panel speaker at several industry conferences including: The Target Market News African-American Advertising Summit; The Media Audit’s Power of the Black Consumer Dollar Conference; National Association of Hispanic Publications Conference; and National Newspaper Publishers Association.

EPMG, under the leadership of Hansen, strives to ignite their clients advertising initiatives by delivering targeted messages straight to the heart of the niche markets.

Coming from a family with deep roots in the print media industry, Hansen’s parents started the first senior-targeted newspaper in the country back in 1973. He grew up learning the in’s and out’s of the newspaper business, which laid the foundation of his belief in the power of niche media to reach local communities through a medium that is relevant, personal and designed for response.

Hansen currently resides in San Diego. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, offshore fishing and playing basketball.

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